Dibujos de la Semana (Galeria de Arte)

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Hecha un vistazo a esta ciudad increible!.¿No te gustaria vicitarla?.
Como es habitual aqui le dejamos los dibujos de la semana del fandom. creditos a todos los autores!.

[1] Source

A starry night in Hollow Shades by Wilvarin-Liadon

[2] Source

Hurt by InsaneRoboCat

[3] Source

Horse book pounce by Celebi-Yoshi

[4] Source

Applebloom by DimFann

[5] Source

Forest does weird things. by Miokomata

[6] Source

Pinkiepie2 by kaikoinu

[7] Source

Angel Winter by mysticalpha

[8] Source

Glittershell by art-of-aa

[9] Source

Big Sis Now by Tsitra360

[10] Source

The Adventures of Gabby by Ikarooz

[11] Source

Ponified -Theodore Roosevelt by TsaritsaLuna

[12] Source

[Practice] Ember by girlsay

[13] Source

Lady of the dragons by AceGekko

[14] Source

Mesmerizing reflection by odooee

[15] Source

Commission: Through the Trees by ArchAspect

[16] Source

Fabulous Trixie by odooee

[17] Source

Spa by MagnaLuna

[18] Source

Spitfire by ArtisticDuo

[19] Source

Pancake Twi by Haden-2375

[20] Source

Bat Pony Trait Study by yuyusunshine

[21] Source

ms paint chrysalis by Vetallie

[22] Source

Radiance by ZombieCupcake101

Original Pony Section

[23] Source

Strange Majick by marejestic

[24] Source

Sleepy Heads by pumkinroll

[25] Source

Commission - Moondew Reference Sheet by Sapphfyr

[26] Source

Commission - Moondew by Sapphfyr

[27] Source

Sweet Letter by NurynDork

[28] Source

Moonaroon by NurynDork

[29] Source

Welcome To My Cave by SeiAni

[30] Source

Under the Sea? by Ipun

[31] Source

thumbnail request by FoxNami

[32] Source

[Raffle Prize] Julia by MidnightSix3

[33] Source

Hearts and Hooves by pumkinroll

[34] Source

Ginger! by Havoxious

[35] Source

Collab! by Havoxious

[36] Source

Sonica98 (AT) [Speedpaint] by LittleAkimiChan

[37] Source

COMM : BlitsAzalisDash by D-Dyee

[38] Source

Ponified of Elena Gilbert by Das-Leben

[39] Source

[Commission] for hombre87 by meowjacky

[40] Source

Seraphic Crimson by MoonSugarStars

[41] Source

Strike Burst Reference by NurynDork

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