Bonus Musical Brony!

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Aqui le dejamos una compilacion Musical 2017 de los fans de todo el mundo!

[1] Source

Silver Note & Liquid Harmony - Small Town by Silver Note

Vocal - Country

[2] Source

My Little Pony: Metal/Ballad/Hard rock cover of Rara's songs from "The mane event" by Cheta EDM

Vocal - Metal

[3] Source

Brohoof Studios - Fire Ft. Glitchling (Lorris Remix) by Lorris

Vocal - Dubstep

[4] Source

Mr Mehster - New Wave ft (N.Hollow) (Prey Remix) by PreyMusic Official

Instrumental - Trap

[5] Source

Mordecai Mapper & Drixale - When I First Saw Her by Drixale D.I.

Instrumental - Reggae/Hardcore

[6] Source

Straight Outta Stable 2 - STS (Super Silly 1000 SUBSCRIBER SPECIAL!) by EAST Corp Productions

Vocal - Parody

[7] Source

Vylet Pony | Little Dreams | Brohoof Studios Bootleg by Brohoof Studios

Vocal - Trap

[8] Source

Liquid Harmony-Embrace The Love by Liquid Harmony

Instrumental - Orchestral

[9] Source

Fluttershy's Lullaby - (Official Audio) by Saphire Systrine

Instrumental - Chill

[10] Source

Spitfire! - Lunar Drift by Lunar Drift

Instrumental - Rock

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