Festejando la Semana de Derpy!! Peluches,Manualidades y Mas!

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La semana de Derpy continua y aqui le traemos todo tipo de artesanias,peluches tanto de Derpy y el Doctor, estan geniales.
Viva Derpy!! YAY! :D

[1] Source

Trade - Nightmare Night Derpy Custom by Nazegoreng

[2] Source

Derpy plushie by PatchNpaw

[3] Source

Plush Derpy by Hovel

[4] Source

Derpy Plush by NervousStitch

[5] Source

Derpy beanie plush by RosaMariposaCrafts

[6] Source

Derpy Hooves laying plush by RosaMariposaCrafts

[7] Source

Fluttershy and Derpy size comparison by RosaMariposaCrafts

[8] Source

Derpy Hooves Plush by OrchardBreezePlush

[9] Source

Derpy!! by OrchardBreezePlush

[10] Source

Derpy Remake!! by OrchardBreezePlush

[11] Source

Derpy and Doctor Hooves by LanaCraft

[12] Source

Derpy Hooves [large plush toy] by LanaCraft

[13] Source

Derpy and Doctor Whooves 2016 by LanaCraft

[14] Source

Derpy Hooves by LightDragon1988

[15] Source

Derpy Hooves by LightDragon1988

[16] Source

Shiny Derpy by fireflytwinkletoes

[17] Source

Derpy clay All Around by Hovel

[18] Source

Derpy Hooves! by Maffintwinkle

[19] Source

Did Someone Say... MUFFINS? by H-Ranadal

[20] Source

Derpy Hearth's Warming Tail Shadowbox (For Sale!) by NervousStitch

[21] Source

10.21 gigaderp! by PrototypeSpaceMonkey

[22] Source

Derpy Rebooted! She looks so cooool! by PrototypeSpaceMonkey

[23] Source

Derpy Claus is coming to town. by PrototypeSpaceMonkey

[24] Source

Derpy Clause 2: Derp Harder by PrototypeSpaceMonkey

[25] Source

Derpy Clause 3: Straight to Video by PrototypeSpaceMonkey

[26] Source

Custom Paint- Derpy by TrueLuminescence

[27] Source

Space Pegasus, soaring through the stars... by Malte279

[28] Source

Derpy by PlanetPlush

[29] Source

360 Degrees of Steampunk Derpy Hooves by Derpy-Express

[30] Source

Derpy Angel by fireflytwinkletoes

[31] Source

Thundercloud Derpy by PlanetPlush

[32] Source

Filly Derpy by krowzivitch

[33] Source

Derpy filly by PlanetPlush

[34] Source

4 inch - Derpy plush by Piquipauparro

[35] Source

Derpy Hooves by AnimeAmy

[36] Source

Derpy loves muffins! by PlanetPlush

[37] Source

Derpy on a Muffin Run by WhiteDove-Creations

[38] Source

Flying Derpy Plush by makeshiftwings30

[39] Source

Introducing DERPY HOOVES by altearithe

[40] Source

can i has muffin - mini derpy plush by Piquipauparro

[41] Source

Derpy Hooves by okiegurl1981

[42] Source

Derpy Hooves Halloween Plush by JyamiTeK

[43] Source

Derpy Hooves Custom Plush by Nazegoreng

[44] Source

Custom Derpy Hooves by DeeKary

[45] Source

Alicorn Princess Derpy by psaply

[46] Source

Nightmare Night Derpy Hooves by PrettyKitty

[47] Source

Crystal Empire Derpy by psaply

[48] Source

Depymail by krowzivitch

[49] Source

MLP FiM custom: Derpy, Dinky + steampunk autogiro! by vulpinedesigns

[50] Source

Derpy hooves Custom by Colour-Splashes

[51] Source

Design-A-Pony Wonderbolts Derpy by Gryphyn-Bloodheart

[52] Source

Derpy McDerpyson by EarthenPony

[53] Source

Derpy and edible friend. by EarthenPony

[54] Source

The Doctor and Derpy by CadmiumCrab

[55] Source

Six inches of Derp. by EarthenPony

[56] Source

It's important to stretch before flying! by EarthenPony

[57] Source

Thinking Derpy by CadmiumCrab

[58] Source

Derpy vignette by AlisteRosenheim

[59] Source

Derpy in a bubble by Blindfaith-boo

[60] Source

MLP - Derpy and Dinky 'Roadside picnic...' by Ksander-Zen

[61] Source

Derpy in a bottle by Blindfaith-boo

[62] Source

Derpy Hooves sculpture by MerionMinor

[63] Source

Derpy the mail mare (For Sale) by CasyNuf

[64] Source

Derpy Mailmare Sculpt by CadmiumCrab

[65] Source

Derpy in a christmas stocking by Blindfaith-boo

[66] Source

Derpy vignette close up by AlisteRosenheim

[67] Source

Muffin! (Derpy Hooves Sculpture) by AngelicaScribbler

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