Galeria de Arte de la Semana!

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Muchas imagenes con referencia al invierno, (Pensar que soy de Argentina y aqui es verano, y yo publicando estas imagenes con un aire acondicionado... no pos yay!) En fin aqui Arte y mas Arte de nuestro querido fandom n.n/)

[1] Source

[OC] :3 ? by YoShiMal2u

[2] Source

The Nightmare Within(2015-2017) by CuriousSamoyed

[3] Source

Fading away by Bluenight01

[4] Source

The Dash by GrapheneDraws

[5] Source

Winter Wrap Up Twi by GrapheneDraws

[6] Source

PPSSSHH by Neko-Snicker

[7] Source

Rarity invites to enter into Carousel Boutique by xbi

[8] Source

February Pony Sketch Challenge - 27 by Blue-Paint-Sea

[9] Source

You Wouldn't Know. by Flita

[10] Source

Sweet Dreams + Speedpaint by Camyllea

[11] Source

by ladykiriness

[12] Source

Princess Luna Close Up by viwrastupr

[13] Source

Bubbe Bath by FluffyXai

[14] Source

complicated relationship by MagnaLuna

[15] Source

Chrysalis by KP-ShadowSquirrel

[16] Source

Derpy + Speedpaint by Scarlet-Spectrum

[17] Source

Fluffy by TamyArts

[18] Source

Celestia -I'm taking care of this- by Taiga-Blackfield

[19] Source

perfect. Lunacord by ElementalOkami

[20] Source

[Contest] Nana and Squeila by GaelleDragons

[21] Source

Her Special Muffin by LifesHarbinger

[22] Source

Dark AJ by AKAINU7

[23] Source

Adult Scootaloo by StellarWay

[24] Source

Rarity by AKAINU7

[26] Source

Equestrian Sniper by PedroHander

[27] Source

The end of the beginning by MagnaLuna

[28] Source

Jalm's Royal Petting by Adequality

[29] Source

Cutie Applejack by luminaura

[30] Source

Commissioned by anonymous 9_6 by Ashley-Arctic-Fox

[31] Source

Running in the seaside by Imanika

[32] Source

Yaasho by Scarlet-Spectrum

[33] Source

[Commission] Alchemy Shop by CutePencilCase

[34] Source

Crimson Shadow by xKittyblue

[35] Source

Commission for blackshadow2k by ka-samy

[36] Source

Spring in Ponyville by Das-Leben

[37] Source

[OC] Knife Of The Thief by vavacung

[38] Source

SLEEP NOW by RubleGun

[39] Source

Sombre Sonata by engibee

[40] Source

Gem Locket by Centchi

[41] Source

Comm: Minty Heart by Left2Fail

[42] Source

MLP Marshtomp by Bean-Sprouts

[43] Source

Commission for shadowphil666 by L1nkoln

[44] Source

Silent Flare by Scarlet-Spectrum

[45] Source

Commission: Dragonform [Kancolle] by Wilvarin-Liadon

[46] Source

Passion by Eztp

[47] Source

Cobbler and Georgia by Greenfinger

[48] Source

Wizdiana's contest by Lady-Limule

[49] Source

Star Guardian by Margony

[50] Source

Fancy Fruit by engibee

[51] Source

Lunar Evening by Rodrigues404

[52] Source

commission by 1AN1

[53] Source

Love by The---Sound

[54] Source

Sketch26 by Koviry

[55] Source

Comm: Rose Luck by Left2Fail

[56] Source

Fariah, Changeling by midnightpremiere

[57] Source

[Commission] Cl or somethin by KYAokay

[58] Source

Color Sketch (Patreon reward) by Yakovlev-vad

[59] Source

licks by saxopi

[60] Source

[MLP] Wolf : Gift by HuiRou

[61] Source

Day cats! by Kaylemi

[62] Source

first by Kaylemi

[63] Source

Flutteria myo by TrashyWraith

[64] Source

Final Touches by harwicks-art

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