Galeria de Arte Semanal #13

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[1] Source

Twilight Cat by iojknmiojknm

[2] Source

Cute Sphinx by Kaliner123

[3] Source

Four apples by Rutkotka

[4] Source

SS8 EP18 Yakity sax by LooknamTCN

[5] Source

Commission - Spike the Kick-Ass by ChaosAngelDesu

[6] Source

Fluttershy over her cottage by Taurson

[7] Source

Night sky by The1Xeno1

[8] Source

Alicon 2018 - Pinkie Pie Sticker by ShyShyOctavia

[9] Source

[Commission] Boop! (+SPEEDPAINT) by GaelleDragons

[10] Source

The music under the sea by Yaaaco17

[11] Source

MLPFiM: Appul!! by dsp2003

[12] Source

Dakimakura Chrysalis by Taneysha

[14] Source

MLP Twilight Sparkle - MAGIC by TheAljavis

[15] Source

Unexpected Reunion by Earthsong9405

[16] Source

Contest: These Gosh Darn Cute Eggheads... by Doodle-Mark

[17] Source

[ R E D R A W ] Smile! by ErinIsAnxious

[18] Source

by darkestlunarflower

[19] Source

COMM: Demos The Windigo by MadBlackie

[20] Source

Aviera Betelgeuse by Centchi

[21] Source

:OC: Treat Yo' Self by ShyShyOctavia

[22] Source

Ych 6 by kirionek

[23] Source

MLPFiM OC: Eat up! [Commission] by dsp2003

[24] Source

MLPFiM: Goth Limestone bat [Colour] by dsp2003

[25] Source

MLPFiM: Goth Limestone [Colour] by dsp2003

[26] Source

Commission - Tessa by Alasou

[27] Source

Sweet night by Reysi

[28] Source

Bay Breeze {C} by FluffyMaiden

[29] Source

[Custom] CMYK Punk by sararini

[30] Source

Commission by Foxcarp

[31] Source

Blep [C] by Scarlet-Spectrum

[32] Source

Raina by xSidera

[33] Source

Comm - Ri by Dusthiel

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