Galeria de Arte Semanal #3

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¿Te gustan las Fluttershys con alas gigantes? ¿O prefieres el estilo alas pequeñas? 

¡Consigue un montón de arte a continuación!

[1] Source

Fluttershy by AquaGalaxy

[2] Source

Lyra hoodie by t-Hoodie

[3] Source

006 by LVerzie

[4] Source

Fluttershy by Imbirgiana

[5] Source

Swimming in a Flash by NightPaint12

[6] Source

Gilda by quvr

[7] Source

Fluttershy wants a hug by t-Hoodie

[8] Source

Fluttershy hugs the cloud by GLaSTALINKA

[9] Source

Luna (Portrait) by Check3256

[10] Source

Gamer Luna by A8F12Official

[11] Source

Ponyville Weather Team by GlitterStar2000

[12] Source

Group Photo by MasterOshawott

[13] Source

Sunset Shimmer vector moviestyle by JoeMasterPencil

[14] Source

Night Glider (Patreon reward) by Yakovlev-vad

[15] Source

Glimmer's Frontline by orang111

[16] Source

Crown by The-Park

[17] Source

Tempest Shadow by Darksly-z

[18] Source

Rarity and octavia by Clefficia

[19] Source

FlurryHeart - RFR - Royal Family Reunion by YumeYuuheii

[20] Source

Eat apples! by mrs1989

[21] Source

Garterbelt Rarity by mrs1989

[22] Source

[Practice] Wings? by girlsay

[23] Source

Princess Luna by CasualColt

[24] Source

Radler by RoseFluffDraws

[25] Source

Updating My Ponysona by YeahButThenDragons

[26] Source

National Strawberry Sundae Day BAT! by Krash42

[27] Source

Not Amused by digimonlover101

[28] Source

Replaced by Schokocream

[29] Source

The Reformed Commanders by faitheverlasting

[30] Source

MLP Commission - SweetCake by SugaryIceCreamMlp

[31] Source

MLP Raffle Winner | Dream + Speedpaint by xKittyblue

[32] Source

Commission: Sid by OpalAcorn

[33] Source

Viv by Shadow-Nights

[34] Source

Commission: When you gotta be extra af by OpalAcorn

[35] Source

Your choice? by aprillfool

[36] Source

Rainbow Heart (COM) by Naughty-Savage

[37] Source

Jodi [Comm] by GrayPillow

[38] Source

Demalis [Comm] by GrayPillow

[39] Source

[Commission] A Pirate's Life by LittleHybridShila

[40] Source

OC Dust Spoon by mrs1989

[41] Source

Alpha Jet -- Chibi by MS-ponies

[42] Source

Lullaby Dearest by DreamyEevee

[43] Source

Starry Bab {C} by FluffyMaiden

[44] Source

Storybrook by ArcticWhistle

[45] Source

Foxy Pony Adopt -Closed- by Mondlichtkatze

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