Galeria de Arte Semanal #21

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Y en el hemisferio norte todavía es verano!! así que aquí algunas con temáticas veraniegas!!

Arte abajo!

[1] Source

by s-bis

[2] Source

MLP FIM - Plainity by Joakaha

[3] Source

Twilight Sparkle (Black) by OctaveToThink

[4] Source

Best Student by Tim-Kangaroo

[5] Source

Innocent Trixie by yoshimarsart

[6] Source

The Lonely Crusader by SilverHopeXIII

[7] Source

Sparkle by Imbirgiana

[8] Source

Rainbow Star [redraw] by JeffaPegas

[9] Source

Omen Of The Cursed Moon by Blackligerth

[10] Source

Cord and Shy (Discord and Fluttershy) by 1AN1

[11] Source

Trixie Lulamoon (Starlight Plush) by Vale-Bandicoot96

[12] Source

Treehugger by lula-moonarts

[13] Source

Pinkie by Ak4neh

[14] Source

~Stormy Lovers~ + SPEEDPAINT by Julunis14

[15] Source

Pinkie Pie and balloons by GLaSTALINKA

[16] Source

Rainbow Dash break by Rodrigues404

[17] Source

MLPFiM x Shantae: Opinion on DLCs [Comic] by dsp2003

[18] Source

Night coming. by Marenlicious

[19] Source

Fluttershy redesign by EpochAii

[20] Source

Hipstershy by CCKittyCreative

[21] Source

Depths of Maremaid by AssasinMonkey

[22] Source

Sphere of swap: Smolder and Scootaloo by Sirzi

[23] Source

Gift - Elite Flirt by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen

[24] Source

Fluttershy London Spitfire - Commission by LateCustomer

[25] Source

If I'm fake I ain't notice cause my money ain't by VanillaGhosties

[26] Source

by la-ndy

[27] Source

spitfire by DimFann

[28] Source

Dashie by Kaleido-Art

[29] Source

by moozua

[30] Source

by dstears

[31] Source

by whitediamonds, diamond_dusted

[32] Source

by share-dast

[33] Source

by zoliklispp

[34] Source

Hipstershy by Kaleido-Art

[35] Source

Tempest Shadow by Kaleido-Art

[36] Source

by lunebat

[37] Source

Starlight and Trixie - Connection by EnvyGirl95

[38] Source

by calena

[39] Source

Breakfast at Tiffany's - Rarity by B-TOBIO

[40] Source

by urbanqhoul

[41] Source

CSP Test Sketch by Kaleido-Art

[42] Source

Celestia by Sheetanii

[43] Source

Rad (Com. Gift) by SyntaXartz

[44] Source

Tight Fit ych by whitedreams by xWhiteDreamsx

[45] Source

chibigingar by Ak4neh

[46] Source

Tactical Espionage Education by saturdaymorningproj

[47] Source

Bat Pony Auction (OPEN) by xWhiteDreamsx

[48] Source

.:AT:. I can see a galaxy in your eyes by AkiiiChaos

[49] Source

Nutella! by Nana-Yuka

[50] Source

Opal by PeachMayFlower

[51] Source

The Demon King by Calamity-Studios

[52] Source

Event by PassigCamel

[53] Source

Concerned Bat Noises by StarlightLore

[54] Source

Moonpath by DiscordTheGE

[55] Source

space mane by Australian-Senior

[56] Source

Trashie by hardbrony

[57] Source

Axl Whitefire [C] by Scarlet-Spectrum

[58] Source

Playa Azul [C] by Scarlet-Spectrum

[59] Source

Collab with Asashine by Woonborg

[60] Source

Comm: Bathroom Joke by pridark

[61] Source

Gift - In Good Hooves by InuHoshi-to-DarkPen

[62] Source

by cottondraws

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